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Message from the Grouch

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Thanks for stopping by.  The word Gaijin comes from Japanese and means "foreigner" or "outsider".  My wife is from Japan and I am not.

Hence the moniker - the grouchy part comes from my natural disposition.

Over the last year or so I've received a lot of great music.  People hear about my site and send me stuff to review.  It works well, I get some good music and the bands get an honest review.  Hopefully other people read the review and the community flourishes.  However, due to the amount of time needed to run the website,  (time I could be doing something to make money) and the fact that  the site costs money to run (my hosting bill is coming due in a couple of months), Effective January 9, 2010 I need to charge $10.00 per review.

This in no way guarantees a positive review, I just can't afford to keep doing this for free.  I feel ten bones is not much and hopefully I'll get enough cash to keep the site up.

Price $10.00 payable via PayPal.

The point of this website is simple.  I post reviews of music and hopefully someone will find my thoughts useful and discover some new music they had never considered listening to.  I'm always looking for material to review so if you are in a band, use the contact me link to send me a note.  I'd like to hear your stuff.


My other main interest is humor.  While my humor is not for everyone, I hope the materials I post under the humor section at least make you smile.

The Grouch
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