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As you probably know, we were hacked.

I use a company called SiteGround to host my websites.  They have a feature they like to call automatic update.  I say like to call because my website was not automatically updated.  Now, to be fair, I was running Joomla 2.5.8 and the latest version is 3.5.  Now, I can understand why their system would not automatically update my site to version 3 from version 2; in hindsight that is perfectly clear.

It would have been really helpful if I had received an email telling me "Oh, by the way, update to the next version now or automatic updates will stop working."  I guess they figured I am an Internet professional who does nothing more than monitor the security status of the latest version of the CMS in relationship to legacy versions.

Well, they were wrong on that point.  I thought automatic update had me covered.  It turns out I was wrong.

So the other day I received an email from SiteGround telling me my sites had been hacked and needed to be patched.  What about the automatic update I asked? Then they explained that does not apply for full version updates.  Silly me.

So I cleaned the sites and less than one day later all three sites were infected again.  After consultation with the SiteGround staff, it was determined that the only way to plug the security holes would be to update to Joomla 3.  Well, since this is a major operation and I was worried about losing my data I asked them to do the upgrade for me.  This request was accompanied by a fairly large credit card payment.

Two days later I got a message that updating my sites was too difficult a task for the SiteGround Gurus and that they were refunding my credit card payment.  They suggested that I contact a Professional web developer, which I guess the people who work at SiteGround are not considered to be.

Well, that would be very expensive, so the next best solution was to wipe the web directories and rebuild.

Thus, the nearly empty site you see here is the beginning of that rebuilding process...

Stay tuned