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Easy Outs, The:Come On Come On

Written by The Grouch on .

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The Easy Outs - Come On Come On


The other day I got an e-mail asking me to review the new single by the band the Easy Outs.

At first I thought their PR person had made a mistake as people usually want me to review an album or EP. She reassured me that they indeed only wanted the single reviewed. Thus I can't really speak much about these guys as this is the one and only song of theirs I've far.

I dig it.

This is pure simple rock and roll. I love this stuff. This New Jersey band has something going on and that something is FUN. Basically, I dig his voice – a lot and the guitar player can wail. Add in a drummer who is spot on and a solid bass and you have a rock and roll classic.

The organ around the edges reminds me of 1950's rock or perhaps a 1980's parody of 50's rock in the style of the Dick the Bruiser Band. (Anyone out of Detroit will remember those guys.) When you add simple lyrics to the mix Come On Come On cut me loose baby Come On Come On you make a monkey crazy you have gold.

All I can say is thank God. I'm so sick and tired of that young sensitive deep thinking poet crap. ( Nic Stevens I'm talking to you.)

Bottom line: 4 scowls out of 5 on the Grouch scale. Would I go see these guys live? Yes I would!

You can pick up the single at CD Baby.